A Bass at Bethany, then Trout at Waterloo

Fished Bethany Lakes this morning in hopes of Trout. Much warmer day and was anticipating some good action. However, that was not the case. Ended up catching a Bass on an Olive Near Deere. Did have on Trout take a COAF Griffith’s Gnat but just could not set the hook in time.

Having struck out on Trout and in need of a Trout Fishing “fix”, decided to head to Denison and fish Waterloo for Trout. Took a fishing buddy and in short order we limited out! One limit using Silver or Gold Super Dupers. Other limit using an Olive Near Deere!

Not a bad day especially on a warm December day!

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I hit Waterloo today with an Olive Near Deer (SP) and I too got ten. I stopped after that but could have kept going. I will hit the lake again when they restock in January.

I saw two older gentlemen catching trout using a home made dough bait with garlic added.


Great to hear! Olive Near Deere is a consistent producer for us. Have also seen dough bait working well in one case did see two fishermen using dough from the Pillsbury Crescent Roll canister with good success!


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