About Us

We are a group of avid fishermen who are based in North Texas – specifically in the city of Allen. Subsequently, we prefer to fish rather than work! For ease of reference, we call ourselves the City of Allen Fishing Field Team but also go by COAF Field Team, the Field Team, and Team.

We started a blog – City Of Allen Fishing several years ago to document our fishing trips online. The blog contained a wealth of information and proved useful to Readers interested in fishing in our area.

Moving forward, we decided to start Stocker Trout Fishing to share our passion for Rainbow Trout fishing, and have archived the original blog as Readers still find the info useful.

Thank you for visiting our website and do come back often to see the latest update from the Team!

Good Luck and Good Fishing!

Sincerely, COAF Field Team

Spillway Creek, Beavers Bend State Park, Oklahoma

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