Added Near Guads and Foam Grasshoppers to the Flybox! #flytying

By / March 18, 2017 / Fishing

Did some fly tying last night and added more Near Guads – a variant of the Near Deere, to the fly box. Goes well with the San Juan Worm Balls and Prince Nymphs without the biots that we fished tandem rigged for trout at TRWD Flyfest last Saturday.

This morning, tied more Foam Grasshoppers to replace ones we lost to break offs and snags as well as ones that were taking a beating from the Bass and Bluegill!

May need to make a quick trip and do a little fishing now!


#flytying this evening. Added more #nearguad to the #sanjuanworm ball and #princenymphs without the biots to the flybox.

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#flyfishing #foamgrasshopper in green and then yellow gets #bass and #bluegill this round at #bethanyridgepark

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