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Been revisiting different ponds we have fished previously but cannot recall when we last fished them lately. This afternoon decided to check out Anglers Cove the catch and release pond by Top Golf in Allen. Lots of construction has things clobbered and the water seems lifeless… did see some “fishy” activity but looked like bait fish and small Sunfish and Bluegill.

Was able to take advantage of the Switch Rod to cast for distance when needed as the banks were extremely brushy, Also, past hot spots we fished were overgrown. Was able to position in spots that were cleared and fish. Fished the pond without a bite, then surveyed the area to see what adjustments were needed to fish it.

Finally, made a last stand and cast a Foam Grasshopper and caught a Bluegill. While bringing it in something big struck, it spit the Bluegill out… cast out again, and waited about 10″ when something bigger struck. Lost it too and left them biting… had other non-fishing commitments. Bummer!


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