Another Quick Tie – Elk Hair Caddis! #coaffieldteam

By / September 20, 2018 / Fly Tying

Another variant of the Elk Hair Caddis we tied the other day in a Quick Tie demo. This demo uses the same pattern and material that was already on hand. No need to run to the store to buy material. The one difference is this pattern wraps the wire rib over the dubbing body and the palmer wrapped hackle. In the other demo, we tied the wire rib after the dubbing body but before the hackle.

We anticipate this pattern will be more durable than the previous one, but not certain if the fish will prefer one over the other. So, in a “Field Test” (excuse to go fishing more), we plan to fish both patterns, and describe what we observe…. do stay tuned!

PS: The other pattern has caught 20+ Sunfish and Bluegill and is still going strong! Also, do stay tuned or the follow-up video on the Bubble Fly Rig.  We hope to answer our Reader’s question and maybe convince others who want to fish with fishing flies but do not have a fly rod or are still learning how to fly fish!

Vise used was a Peak Tying Vise

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