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Another round at Turner Falls Park for Rainbow Trout. Two of us fished and limited out. This time caught them on fly fishing as well as on ultralight spinning gear. Near Deere again was the fly of choice; tried other fishing flies but for some reason, they reacted to the Near Deere and ignored other fishing flies. Windy started howling and gusts made it tough for fly fishing. A gold Super Duper on a stop and go retrieve was the lure/pattern of choice to close out our limits. Still have video editing to do from yesterday’s and today’s fishing trips but been sidetracked with… fishing! LOL. For now, here is another short video snippet of some of the action today.


3 thoughts on “Another Quick Update of Turner Falls… #turnerfallspark

    1. Hi David,
      Unfortunately, we do not tie fishing flies commercially. There is a fishing guide in our area who offers near deere fishing flies. He is also where we learned about the fishing fly. His store is offline currently; will find out more and post.

      Thanks for checking out our website!

    2. Hi David,
      The guide’s website is currently being updated and is not available. Will keep an eye out for it and post once back online.

      For now, we do tie fishing flies as samples for Readers.

      Will contact you via email to workout details.


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