Another Round at Little Ridge

By / August 9, 2015 / Fishing

Decided to give it another try at Little Ridge this morning. More rough conditions but things calmed down later. Bite was slower compared to yesterday but then found them (White Bass) lurking in a cove. Calm water, out of the wind, and lots of feeding fish… multiple hook ups on the Sabiki Rig for White Bass! Although undersized, the action was good with lots of fish chasing those that were already hooked!

Did this for most of the morning, and then headed to the Power Plant and started working the area. No anchoring this time; instead, paddle to the boundary, cast the rig, then back paddle to remain out of the restricted area, and then set the hook when they strike.

Caught more undersized White Bass this way. However, we did get one Keeper and a Catfish that went for the Slab! Fun stuff and a great workout, too!

More White Bass on the Sabiki Rig!

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