The following are Trout Derbies planned for the 2014-2015 Season. Do check with the event organizers prior to the scheduled date as changes occur on short notice due to poor weather conditions.

  • Blue River Trout Derby – typically scheduled in conjunction with Veteran’s Day Weekend in November and President’s Day Weekend in February. Popular event in Oklahoma made even more enticing as the normal weekly stocking is augmented with large Rainbow Trout!
  • City of Frisco Trick-A-Trout Kid Fish – scheduled first/second week of February and held annually at the Frisco Commons Pond. It’s a large pond that readily accommodates the high number of participants.
  • Towne Lake Trout Derby – scheduled late February each year and held at Towne Lake in McKinney. It’s a large community lake; however, the event organizers section off part of the lake’s east end where the trout will be released. For the fly fisherman, hold one bring the fly rod as the area will be crowded making for a tough back cast.
  • City of Murphy Rainbow Trout Roundup – Planned for late February (February 21, 2015); it is the second one held by the city and is held at City Hall Pond. Small pond but still lots of fun to fish; also holds some nice Bluegill!
  • Prosper Trout Derby – planned for late February or early March; a press release will be forthcoming announcing the date and the location. It was first held at Whitley Place Pond for the first two years, and has since been held at Frontier Park Pond near the High School.

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