• Go Pro Hero 5 to Phone Underwater Camera Rig

    By / September 23, 2021 / Fishing

    Been itching to get more underwater camera actions shots. Wanted to try a camera setup that uses the Wi-Fi connection to a mobile phone to get live action shots of what is happening underwater. Understood the Wi-Fi connection is lost soon as the Hero 5 goes underwater. The Go Pro will keep recording but you… [read more]

  • Kayak Fishing for Striped Bass #TBT #SHORTS

    By / September 22, 2021 / Fishing

    YouTube Shorts video where I went kayak fishing for Striped Bass in the little Heritage Featherlite Kayak one chilly October morning on Lake Texoma. Was a fun time, caught several Striped Bass with the largest going 6 pounds! See full video at

  • Kayak Skeg No Drill Install #shorts

    By / September 21, 2021 / Fishing

    Here are additional answers related to the install… Q: What are the materials used to add install a skeg on the Pelican Catch 100? A: I used a kayak skeg, heavy duty Velcro, and Shoe Goo. And then, used a D-Clip and paracord lanyard as a safety line; the skeg will slide off its mount… [read more]

  • DIY Fish Bait Recipe | Fishing with Pectin aka Gelatin #shorts

    By / September 19, 2021 / Fishing

    YouTube Shorts video where I use Pectin – also can use Gelatin, to make DIY Fish Bites using a recipe from  @Deep Waters Fishing  – see video at, for saltwater fishing. We call it DIY Fish Bites Gummy Gums for ease of reference. It is a simple recipe that works in freshwater, too! Steps… [read more]

  • What’s lurking below at Texoma… | kayak fishing #shorts

    By / September 16, 2021 / Fishing

    YouTube Shorts video of yours truly kayak fishing for Striped Bass on Lake Texoma – large reservoir that borders Texas and Oklahoma. Putting in at Highpoint Marina on the Texas side, I managed to get a strike or two but never landed a fish. Luckily, I had the old Water Wolf Camera – since lost… [read more]

  • Lower Mountain Fork Before The Flood #shorts

    By / September 13, 2021 / Fishing

    Here is another YouTube Shorts TBT video to Beavers Bend and the Lower Mountain Fork River before the flood changed the river to its present state. It was a fun trip where I fished Spillway Creek, the Cold Hold, the Bluffs, and the Evening Hole. But, as luck would have it, I had lots of… [read more]

  • Fisherman Beware of Turtles!

    By / September 12, 2021 / Fishing

    YouTube Shorts video where I place an underwater camera – WaterWolf Camera, under a float with a hook baited with bread. Soon realize… Turtles can steal a bait quickly! This was several years ago when I still had the camera; I lost it while kayak fishing and never recovered it. Since then I have replaced… [read more]

  • TBT Beavers Bend Trout Fishing #shorts

    By / September 11, 2021 / Fishing

    YouTube Shorts video of a TBT to Beavers Bend State Park before the big flood or was it floods that changed the entire river. Lots of brush and greenery with a few Rainbow and Brown Trout caught and released. See the full video at In the past, designated Blue and Red zones were used… [read more]

  • Review These Fishing Regulations Before Fishing in Texas and Oklahoma | What’s New in 2021?

    By / September 11, 2021 / Fishing

    Decided to review the What’s New in 2021 section of the Texas 2021-2022 Season. Had a question concerning one of the new changes to 2021; contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. They replied within the hour. Nice! Reviewed one new change to the trout regulations in Oklahoma. Was uncertain about the Daily Limits for the… [read more]

  • New Trout Limits for Oklahoma!

    By / September 9, 2021 / Fishing

    Looks like September 11, 2021 the trout limit will be three instead of six for Oklahoma. Previously, the Oklahoma Statewide limit was six which has some area fishermen conflicted in fishing for trout this upcoming trout stocking season. So far, it appears to be two opposing opinions: Those for the three trout daily limit look… [read more]

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