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Fished Murphy City Hall Pond this evening. Was cold but it was great to get a round of fishing in during the work week! Even better that we managed to limit out on Rainbow Trout.

Used the Four Weight Fly Rod and the Olive/Brown Near Deere that worked the other day. Change in the retrieve compared to last time; long pulls and allow time for the fishing fly to sink instead of the faster retrieve we used on Sunday.

Only fished for about an hour but it was enough time to catch and keep five, catch and release one more, and miss a lot more due to missed hook sets or thrown hooks.

That said, looks like more cold temps and snow are in the forecast which may be a good thing to keep us focused on our day jobs!

PS: Pictures of the Olive/Brown Near Deere and Today’s Catch as well as Today’s Video are posted below!

Olive/Brown Near Deere
Today’s Catch!