Back to the Blue River C&R Trout! #blueriver #flyfishing

By / October 29, 2017 / Blue River

Made it back for another round of fishing the Catch and Release section of the Blue River in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, struck out with zero fish caught… not even a Bluegill. However, we did see lots of Trout including some nice size ones. Below is a video snippet of some of the trout we saw Saturday. Had several swipe at our fishing fly but none were landed. The DIY wooden trout net is feeling lonesome hanging on our vest clip unused!

That said, it was a great day for us fishing addicts… hiking in the woods, wet wading the river and fly fishing for trout (was below freezing Saturday morning but warmed up in the afternoon), losing count of the number of trout that ignored our fishing flies, and not a single fish landed… priceless. LOL!


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