Back to Murphy for More Trout This Sunday Morning! #flyfishing #guadalupana

By / February 26, 2017 / Murphy City Hall Pond

Had a great time yesterday fishing Murphy City Complex Pond for trout. Went back again today with the same setup… Redington Pursuit 4wt-8′ fly rod and Ross Flystart Model 2. Used a size 14 Guadalupana to take a limit today! Fun stuff!



Log Book Entry: 2/26/17

  • Location: Murphy City Complex Pond (Murphy)
  • Time: 07:30 – 08:30
  • Weax: Clear, “Sweater & Under Armour”, Slight Breeze
  • Rod: Redington Pursuit 4wt – 8′
  • Reel: Ross Flystart Model 2 – 4wt Flyline



  • Lots of fishermen on arrival at the pond with a good number fly fishing!
  • Action was steady with Super Dupers continuing to produce for spin fishermen.
  • Guadalupana (as well as Wooley Buggers) did well for fly fishermen.
  • Not able to determine bait preferences but it looked like limits were being taken by bait fishermen.
  • Corn, Trout Worms, and Power Bait worked well at yesterday’s derby. Suspect the same held true this round.



  • 14 Rainbow Trout – 9″-12″ – Guadalupana – Sz 14




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