Back on the Blue For Rainbow Trout

By / November 8, 2015 / Blue River, Rainbow Trout

Made it to the Blue River Saturday for a chance at Rainbow Trout Fishing. Forgot to bring the chest strap for the GoPro. After some mods, was able to get some action shots. Fun day…. limited out, too!

Used a Tandem Rig Near Deere and Rainbow Warrior like the one we used at Beavers Bend. It was 50/50 with the Trout going for one fishing fly over the other. After limiting out, did some catch and release fishing. Had fun working the pools that held Trout.

Did use an Eight Weight and the new Echo Ion Fly Reel. Plan was to use it for Stripers when we decided to stop a Denison Dam while coming back from the Blue River.

It worked really well especially when the wind picked up, but ended up breaking the rod while on the way back home. Stopped at McDonalds for some coffee, one of the sections fell out while getting out of the car, sure enough closed the door without realizing the section fell out. Oh well, good excuse to get another fly rod!

Saturday’s Catch!


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