Back to Waterloo!

By / January 10, 2016 / Rainbow Trout, Waterloo Park Pond

Back to Waterloo today. Less wind compared to yesterday but much colder. Was breaking ice from the rod guides. At one point about every third cast, had to stop casting to break the ice. Action was slow on the fly but bait fishermen were doing well on PowerBait and PowerWorms.

Ended the round catching a limit – two on a Near Deere and three on the John Deere. This round, we would cast, let the fishing fly sink, and then began a slow retrieve looking for any “twitch” or “tug” on the line. Also, counted between 10 and 15 before starting the slow retrieve.

In addition, we would use a short pull on the line to give some action to the fly and watch for any sign of a strike. This worked on the two Trout that went for the Near Deere, else it was a slow retrieve for the three (and about 10+ that were missed) that went for the John Deere.

Still a great time… good thing we bundled up and brought gloves!

PS: Got an action shot of a Hawk flying over the pond trying to get someone’s trout.

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Fun fishing with you yesterday and I will be changing out my 4wt. line with 5wt on my set up. Thanks for the advise.



Loaded my rod up with a reel I have that had 5 wt fly line in it. It did make a difference in distance as well as less false casting. Will give it a shot in a few weeks when other ponds are stocked.


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