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Happy Sunday Readers!

It was a lot of fun fishing the Blue yesterday. Today, I had to work the early morning. Luckily, I was able to break away afterwards for a quick trip to Bethany Lakes.

Cold and windy conditions put a chill in the air… decided to go with a light weight jacket to stay comfortable. Glad that I did not need the layered clothing like yesterday morning!

Using the same Near Deere under a Strike Indicator setup from yesterday, managed to catch five Bass. No Bruisers but was good practice (or more an excuse to go fishing).

The Bass were holding in a deeper hole in the Main Pond and were just barely striking the Near Deere. It was almost like they were bumping it instead of striking the fishing fly.

Also, every so often would twitch the rod to add a little action, else letting the wind/waves “bob” the Near Deere up and down was enough to trigger a strike.

Short trip but lots of fun!

2 thoughts on “Bass at Bethany this Round

  1. Thanks for all the info. I recognize the picture from frisco commons. cool stuff. We live in Prosper now but used to live in Frisco for 10 years. We'll also be up at the Blue in early November. Love that place. Going to try up north of Hwy 7 this year.

    1. Thanks for checking out our Weblog Andrew! Good luck on the Blue! Looking forward to fishing it again this Winter Trout Stocking!

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