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Found this fishing rod at the local Cabelas. It’s a Bass Pro Shop Graphite Series Rod that is 3 feet long and rated for 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz lures. Since the two companies merged, I often find both brands at Cabelas and vice versa for Bass Pro Shop.

Had several Christmas Gift Cards burning a hole in my wallet, and since I bought a new BFS reel – the Shimano Scorpion 17 BFS XG, a new fishing rod was definitely in the near future.

I was debating about getting a 4-1/2 to 6 foot rod, but the ones I wanted were one-piece rods. I was hoping for a two-piece that I could break down easily as well as put together quickly.

While browsing around, I found this 3 foot rod that fit the bill. In short order, i bought it, took a few casts and could tell I made the right choice!

But, just in case, the next morning I did a quick test to see if I could cast at least 12 yards with it. I can cast 12 yard and then some with it.

Took it fishing to a recently stocked pond, and was able to cast without issue light lures as well as a rig using two split-shot. I did limit out on small trout but as it turned out, the trout were near the pier… right below me.

No need to cast far this round but good to know that I will be able to whenever needed!

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Bass Pro Shops Graphite Series 3′ Casting Rod – GRS30MT

The Bass Pro Shops Graphite Series Casting Rod measures in at a mere 3′ in length making it an excellent rod for pitching lures under docks, working areas with thick brush, kayak fishing, and ice fishing!