Bethany Lakes, OPST Commando Head, TFO 6wt, and 11 Fishing Flies!

By / January 27, 2019 / Fishing

Yesterday’s practice casting of the 6wt TFO Fly Rod was a fun time at Bethany Lakes. But, was sidetracked by a school of bass lurking in the hole by the drainage pipe in the Back Pond. After 11 fishing flies later, found a pattern that worked… caught one Bass but fouled hooked it.

When up the road to Bethany Creek Pond, had another Bass take but broke off. Did notice the Bass was sulking near the pond’s brick wall. Able to grab it by hand, and then move it closer to the water fountain where the water had more flow and aeration. Released it with no issues!

Really like this setup – specifically,
9′ 6wt TFO Pro II:
6/7wt Echo Ion Fly Reel:
OPST Commando Head 225 grain:
100′-15lbs M-Maximum Catch Coated Running Line:
AirFlo 5′ Extra Fast Sinking Leader:

Going to plan to use this in place of the 5wt… retired to the closet after many fun seasons!

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