Bethany Lakes Saturday Morning, then Waterloo in the Afternoon

By / December 21, 2014 / Bethany Lakes, Waterloo Park Pond

The Team confirmed NucLaroche graduated!  it’s back to fishing again…

Reports from the Team indicated the action Saturday morning was steady for some while slow for others. In the Team’s case, one Rainbow Trout fell for an Olive Wooley Bugger at Bethany Lakes in Allen. Key notes from the morning round were:

  • Slow retrieve and/or stop and go retrieve seemed to work
  • Casting spoons like Super Dupers in Gold and Silver and Mini-Jigs were getting strikes
  • Bubble Fly Rig cast to fish feeding near the surface were getting strikes
  • Fish were also taking PowerBait and PowerWorms
  • Action was steady initially but tapered off with the exception of the Bubble Fly Rig. Action remained steady for the rig (see the section titled Bubble Fly Rig in the article “Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing – Community Lakes”)

Saturday afternoon the action picked up when the Team headed to Waterloo Park Pond in Denison. The Team limited out using an Olive Near Deere, Copper Super Duper, and a Power Bait. Key notes from the afternoon round were:

  • Near Deere was getting strikes as it sank slowly on no retrieve
  • Super Duper was also getting strikes as it sank slowly or when fished slow
  • Fish were also taking PowerBait, PowerWorms, Corn, and Salmon Eggs

PS: The city of Denison posted a sign advertising their upcoming trout derbies. Three are planned; for more details of Denison’s trout derbies as well as other trout derbies, check them out in the FAQs section of  It is listed under Trout Derbies.

Video Clip of Saturday’s action is posted below:

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