Bethany Lakes Trout Stocking Today….

By / December 18, 2015 / Bethany Lakes, iFishRadio

Schedule shows Bethany Lakes gets stocked today. Will stop by this morning and maybe give it a go! Also, will try to post a live Broadcast from iFishRadio. Let’s see if this app works!


UPDATE 4PM Central: We were able to get great video of the Trout release, and limited out as well! Working on the video edits; will post later tonight!

UPDATE 11PM Central: Still working on the fishing video of today’s round. But, we did finish the stocking video. Do check it out!

UPDATE 1:30AM Central: Fishing video of today’s round is posted! We managed to limit out using Silver Dupers in both the 501 and 502 models. Had issues with a a few snags and trees that resulted in break-offs. Ended up losing the 501s; put the 502 model on and was still able to hookup. Also, saw others using the Silver Super Dupers, White Rooster Tails, and Kastmasters!

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