Bite Was On at Brockdale But…

By / August 2, 2015 / Kayak Fishing, Lake Lavon, White Bass

Another round this morning at Brockdale Park. Water was rougher than yesterday but still manageable. Used five Sabiki Rigged Crappie Jigs and caught an undersized White Bass after about 10 minutes of trolling.

Then, no hits for a while so switched the lowest Crappie Jig with a Chartreuse Slab. Good thing as the bite was on. Caught numerous multiple hook ups trolling, sight casting, and vertical jigging.

But, as it turned out all but one were undersized! So, this round caught one Keeper but did get some slow motion action footage of the White Bass striking!

PS: Stay tuned, will put together more info on the Sabiki Rigged Crappie Jig and Slab setup we used today. Normally, we were using double surgeon loop knots but lost a nice fish when the knot failed. Suspect it was the light line (4 pound test) more than the knot. Just in case, we went with heavier tackle and a Sabiki Rig that allowed us to use heaver line to rig the Crappie Jigs!

UPDATE: Here is an online article –“Sabiki Rig for White Bass” , that provides more details on making the Sabiki Rig we used.

Sabiki Rigged Crappie Jigs



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