Blackened Catfish…

By / July 27, 2015 / Fishing

The other day the Team went juglining at our local lake. Caught several Catfish to include a 20 pound Bruiser! That said, once we cleaned our catch the next step was to cook it. Looking for a change of pace from the normal frying in oil, we tried the recipe from 30 Miles Out – Blackened Redfish. We followed the video’s instruction and made the recommended adjustment to use 1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper instead of a 1 tsp.

Really like the baking in the oven for 30″ at 350 degrees too. Have tried the blackened style cooking before but tended to overcook (more like burn) the fish. This extra step of baking in the oven makes a difference!

Also, do try the Simple Rice Pilaf recipe. Went well with the fish and asparagus!



Blackened Catfish



Simple Rice Pilaf

Add Asparagus!

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