Blue River Fishing | Preseason Scouting Trip | #maxcatch #switchrod #opstcommandohead

By / October 19, 2020 / Fishing

Decided to make the run to the Blue River for a preseason fishing trip. Trout are scheduled to be stocked in the near future. Best to checkout the river and see if anything has changed.

Was a great trip. Did not catch any big ones but did have fun catching a fish or two while scouting the river! River was looking really nice, and the weather was even nicer.

Fished with the Discount Switch Rod – 2wt Maxcatch Fly Rod with Hydros SL1 Reel with OPST Commando Head (mentioned Rio Trout Max in the video… it’s the OPST).

Also, the Tandem Rig Fishing Fly setup worked on the fish, hope it works on trout in the next few weeks. Do keep the Blue River in your back pocket this coming Trout Stocking Season!

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