Blue River Trout Fishing and KFC Buffet… Doesn’t Get Any Better!

By / March 17, 2019 / Fishing

Made the run to Oklahoma this weekend to fish the Blue River! Trout stocking season is winding down, so decided to make a trip and try our luck.

Was a tough go with murky waters but our fishing partner caught four but only kept three trout; all were caught on ultralight spinning gear and using PowerWorms!

Did see others catch them using MealWorms, PowerBait, and Marshmallows, too! Given the murky conditions, was a tough go for yours truly.

Did hook (although foul hooked) one trout; and then caught one and landed it but lost in when trying to put it on the stringer!

Overall, was an awesome day on the Lady Blue! Made better with some nice trout for a tasty brunch Sunday morning. Do stay tuned for the catch and cook video!

After fishing the Blue River, decided to stop at Pauls Valley at the Kentucky Fried Chicken where the Colonel’s Buffet was being served!

What a day… Sunny, short-sleeve weather, fishing a river, catching and losing trout, and then all you can eat KFC! It doesn’t get any better than that!

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