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By / November 11, 2019 / Fishing

Was a fun weekend trout fishing on the Blue River in Oklahoma! Recent rains made it tough Saturday with trout caught mainly using bait. Of note were Salmon Eggs and PowerBait. The Team tried their luck with fishing flies, Power Worms, Mouse Tails, and Salmon Eggs. Unfortunately, it was a strike out. Still had a great time on a sunny and warm Saturday.

Trout Derby was in progress with some promising fish caught! But none for the Team. No trout for dinner but the back up plan worked out well. All you can eat at the KFC in Paul’s Valley serving the Colonel’s Buffet!

Following day, went back to the Blue and fished upriver from Hughes Crossing in the morning till about noon. Water was a little clearer compared to Saturday, able to catch, land, and then lose one Rainbow Trout using a Tandem Rigged Near Deere with trailing Rainbow Warrior. After some strikes and misses, finally hooked and landed one for the stringer; it went for the Rainbow Warrior.

Afternoon, headed to the Island and fished the channel that flow around it. Some changes since we last fished the Blue. While others were doing well hooking and landing and releasing trout, yours truly was working through different patterns without a strike.

Finally found a pattern that worked…. Tandem Rigger Olive Near Deere with a trailing John Deere (pattern that the Near Deere is based on). It short order hooked and landed four trout for the stringer to make five. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law of Fishing struck… the one fly that works is the one fly that you will run out of. Started with three John Deere, ended with none… lost to snags which was expected given we were working the rig deep and bouncing bottom with it.

Fun stuff… will tie more John Deere. Do stay tuned and check out our YouTube Channel. Plan to post how we tie the John Deere at a later date!

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