Brockdale Park Again This Evening

By / June 10, 2015 / Fishing

Fished the point at Brockdale Park this evening. Last time we caught one White Bass. This time we doubled our catch and caught two White Bass. Used the same rig as last time – a Float and Jig Rig with a Purple Marabou Crappie Jig for the jig.

Casted for a while and then finally started seeing surface activity as a school of White Bass passed by. Good thing the Daiwa Sealine Surf Casting Rod and Penn Squall 15 Reel was able to cast for distance as some schools were past the 100+ yard mark.

Was doing good with minimal backlash, and then had three in a row. After a quick check of the reel, noticed the Launcher Float lost its lead weight, explaining the backlashes. Made an adjustment to the magnetic brake; no more backlashes.

Overall, was a slow day but had lots of fun sight casting to passing schools even though it lasted about 30″. No worries… still lots of fun!

Surf Casting Without the Surf!


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