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Fished the local pond the other day using the little 2wt Cabelas Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod. Paired well with the 2/3 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel. I am fishing a Caddis Foam Grasshopper and working the pond by casting to spawning Bluegill on their nests. Polarized glasses make a difference in finding them.

Cabelas 2WT CGR Fiberglass Rod – https://bassproshops.vzck.net/WDz93e
Orvis Battenkill II – https://bassproshops.vzck.net/b3Kq9M
Bett’s Bream Getter WT – https://bassproshops.vzck.net/n1ZN59
Bett’s Bream Getter – Blk – https://bassproshops.vzck.net/n1ZN59

pondfishing #bluegill #cabelascgrflyrod