Cabelas CGR 2wt Fiberglass Fly Rod and Echo Ion Reel | Small Feeder Creek Fly Fishing #cabelas #flyfishing #fiberglassrod

By / September 2, 2020 / Fishing

Decided to fish a little feeder creek with the Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Fly Rod. It’s a 2wt with an Echo Ion 2/3wt Fly Reel. Handy fly rod that makes for fun fishing for little bluegill, sunfish, and fingerling bass!

Been using the Cabelas CGR off and on over the years, and have not had any issues… do need to make a slight adjustment in timing the cast as the fiberglass rod has a slow action.

Liking the rod and the ability to take advantage of rod’s slow action to get a fishing fly to where the fish are lurking… of course in this case, a little feeder creek required minimal casting distance.

PS: Lots of rain that morning caused another pond upstream from where we fished to overflow. Able to catch a Bass being washed down the feeder creek. See it at…

Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rod 2wt
Echo Ion 2/3 Fly Reel:

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