Carrollton Sports Complex for Trout Anyone?

By / January 13, 2019 / Fishing

Been having a tough time making time for fishing but was able to breakaway and make the run to a place we never fished before… Carrollton Sports Complex!

Before heading out, made a stop by the Post Office to mail the Near Deere Fishing Flies to our Winner of the random drawing held Friday, January 11, 2019! While there, learned stamps are now 50 cents… price went up this year.

No worries, mailed the fishing flies and headed down the road to Carrollton and a chance for trout… except struck out on trout. But, did lots of scouting around; there is a big pond, a small pond, a medium pond, a river, and a wider part of the river that all look like they may hold fish at times.

Although we struck out on trout, did catch fish #1, #2, #3, and more from a drainage creek that fed into the big pond. Sunfish and Bluegill were going for an Olive Near Deere! While there, saw Carrollton is using the drainage filters that trap debris before it can enter a pond or lake! Good Stuff!

Longer video… but lots to show! Check it out when you get a chance!

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G’Day Glenn,
Looks like you’ve found a new spot with plenty of potential. It’s always good discovering a new fishing venue, especially if it’s in an urban area.


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