Casting a Micro Fly Rod Demo #microflyrod #microflyfishing

By / July 1, 2020 / Fishing

Here is the follow up video we mentioned on one of our earlier iFishNews Fishing Podcast and YouTube video about Micro Fly Rods.

This video shows five micro flyrods – three are ones we made and have a micro flyreel mounted on them, and two are practice fly rods from Redington and Orvis with a flyreel zip tied to the handle.

We marked 25 feet as a reference, and then cast the rods to show the 25 feet distance is readily attained.

There was a strong crosswind and one of the rods had less than 25 feet of line but overall all rods could easily cast 25 feet.

That said, based on time fishing with them, there are several that can cast well past 25 feet.

Fun stuff!

Also, here are links to Amazon showing the practice fly rods we converted to micro fly rods:

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