Casting the EmmRod Fly Rod with a Shooting Head or WF Fly Line #emmrod

By / June 9, 2019 / Fishing

Fished with the EmmRod Fly Rod the other day using the OPST Commando Head that we have on out Echo Ion 4/5 Wt Reel. Was able to cast well and catch a few fish once we made adjustments to our cast.

Adjustments made were to the hand hold of the shooting head and the amount of shooting head to let out before starting the cast. Also, had to contend with line management as the mono running line tended to snag on rocks and brush at our feet.

Afterwards, decided to try using a traditional fly line – specifically, a WF 5wt. Thoughts were…

  • No need to setup each cast based on a specific hand hold on the shooting head
  • Less snags and tangles with the mono running line would make for more fishing and less untangling of line
  • Since a Switch Cast or Roll Cast would be limited by the short length of the EmmRod Fly Rod, benefit of a shooting head was less.
  • And, since the plan was to fish areas where a backcast could be used, overhead and sidecast would be used most often when fishing.

To check which line we preferred to use on the EmmRod Fly Rod, did a quick “lawn test” of both lines. End result: We intend to use the traditional 5wt WF Fly Line when fishing the EmmRod Fly Rod!

Of note…

Scientific Anglers Fly Line WF 5wt
EmmRod Kayak King Spinning Rod
EmmRod Stream Master Fly Rod

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