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YouTube Shorts video where I practice casting ultralight lures using a Kastking Zephyr BFS reel lined with 10lbs Spiderwire which has an equivalent diameter to 2lbs monofilament. 1/16oz Roostertail gets one trout to strike!

Still educating my thumb. As a workaround while I train my thumb, I will line the reel with about 100 plus feet of braided line. This allows me to cast all line on the spool, and if I do get a backlash, I can quickly untangle the line and get back to casting.

This round was a little more tricky to get dialed in due to the windy conditions and the thin diameter of the line which tended to hang up on the arbor knot I used to attach the line to the spool.

Do check back, plan to try more BFS fishing for trout in the next few weeks.

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