Catching Shad for Bait… 37 Casts Later! #castnet #shad #lakelavon

By / July 25, 2020 / Fishing

Had a tough time catching shad for bait Thursday at Highland Park on Lake Lavon. With Charlie watching things and urging us on… was able to net enough Shad to fill a Ziploc Bag… in only 37 casts! At least it was a good workout!

Did observe windy conditions, and the water was unusually warm as if you were in a bathtub. This may have impacted the Shad and their wanting to tend to a windward shoreline. Spot we tried has been a consistent producer of Shad in the past.

Caught some nice size Shad; just took a lot of strikeouts to finally get enough to fill a pint size Ziploc bag.

No worries… bait will come in handy for upcoming fishing trips!

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