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  • COAF Damsel Fly in Red! #flytying

    By / March 28, 2017 / Article, Fly Tying

    Had a question from a Reader about how we tied the Red Damsel Fly that we used to catch the Catfish at Plano East Senior High School (PESHS) the other day. Below is a short video that details how we tied it. Other than only using two versus three marabou plumes, it is the same… [read more]

  • Dry Fly Hackle Wrap Works Well with Near Deere Too!

    By / March 3, 2017 / Fly Tying

    More fly tying this evening with two more Guadalupana to add to the others. While tying them, decided to tie a couple of Near Deere using the same Dry Fly Hackle Wrap as the Guadalupana. Looks good, may have to sneak away tomorrow and try them on trout at one of the recently stocked ponds… [read more]

  • Fly Tying This Evening… #flytying

    By / February 17, 2017 / Fly Tying

    Did some fly tying this evening in preparation for tomorrow. Hope to see if these fishing flies produce. Opted for Near Deer, variants of the Guadalupana, and a PMC Emerger variant – the PMC GNE! Hope they work on the trout!   #flytying this evening… opted for #neardeere #guadalupana and #pmcemerger variant! Hope they work… [read more]

  • COAF Guadalupana #flytying

    By / February 15, 2017 / Article, Fly Tying

    While fishing in Frisco this past weekend, we met one of our Readers who asked about the Guadalupana fishing fly that we used while fishing the Guadalupe River several seasons ago. Has been awhile since we tied one but we do recall it was an effective fishing fly for us, working on the trout on… [read more]

  • Size 22 Griffith’s Gnats… #flytying

    By / January 31, 2017 / Fly Tying

    Decided to scale down the fishing fly size in preparation for the next round of micro fly fishing. Yesterday’s quick trip with the the Micro Fly Rod had lots of strikes but a size 16 was too much for the little fish to handle. This evening, tied a couple of Griffith’s gnats in size 22…. [read more]

  • Fly Tying – The PMC Emerger Article is Posted! #flytying

    By / January 2, 2017 / Article, Fly Tying

    Had a couple of Readers ask about the fishing fly we have been using to catch the trout feeding on and/or near the water’s surface. We have been using two patterns – the Griffith’s Gnat tied on a caddis hook and the PMC Emerger. Since we could not find instructions online on how to tie… [read more]

  • Sabiki Fly Tying Demo

    By / May 29, 2016 / Fly Tying

    Video of the sabiki fly that we have been using for White Bass at our local lake. Easy pattern made with minimal material – hook, mono, food wrapper!

  • HubPages Article… “Fly Tying – Bent Back Clouser Variant”

    By / March 30, 2016 / Fly Tying

    Following up on yesterday’s post where we tested out a new pattern – the Bent back Clouser Variant, posted an online article (“Fly Tying – Bent Back Clouser Variant”) and fly tying demo showing how we tied the pattern. Do give it a try some time!

  • Cabelas in Allen – Fly Tying Demo

    By / March 2, 2016 / Fly Tying

    Been meaning to stop by Cabelas in Allen to see the fly tying demo hosted by the Dallas Fly Fishers. Finally made it this evening! Nice bunch of folks making different fishing flies and providing great advice on fly tying and fishing. Of note was the Hopper Pattern being tied; will need to add this… [read more]

  • More Fishing Flies for the Weekend and an iFishRadio Update!

    By / January 28, 2016 / Fly Tying, iFishRadio

    Tied more fishing flies for the weekend and an update from Fshng84 on iFishRadio. This round tied more Pink Near Deere, some White Near Deere, Peacock and Partridge Soft Hackle, Zebra Midges, and Black Midges. The Pink and White Near Deere worked last Saturday on the Blue. Have not tried Soft Hackles yet but better… [read more]

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