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  • Saturday Fishing at Frisco Commons #flyfishing

    By / February 18, 2018 / Frisco Commons

    Had planned to fish Towne Lake in Mckinney but the stocking was postponed due to weather. Things cleared up and made the run to Frisco Commons and fished for trout. Like in years past, something was hatching. Managed to land four and miss several others using a Griffith’s Gnat and a PMC Emerger. See how… [read more]

  • Frisco Commons with the Switch Rod and KDM Fishing Fly… Plus One! #flyfishing #fishingaddiction #switchrod

    By / October 15, 2017 / Frisco Commons

    Fun time yesterday fishing the Switch Rod and “testing” a new pattern – the Krystal Dub Minnow or KDM. Simple pattern made with UV pearl dubbing and saddle hackles; uses a dubbing loop to wrap the dubbing around the hook. Been a while since we used a dubbing loop, but quickly remembered how to use… [read more]

  • COAF Field Team Vlog #33 – Frisco Commons for Trout This Round! #flyfishing

    By / February 11, 2017 / Frisco Commons

    Fished Frisco Commons Pond in Frisco today; steady action on Near Deere. Was able to limit out on Trout. Even caught an albino and two Bass as well. Lots of fun despite windy conditions and warm temps; enjoyed a little catch and release fishing while practicing casting in windy conditions. Did see a number of… [read more]

  • Frisco for More Trout!

    By / February 15, 2016 / Frisco Commons

    Fished Frisco Commons Sunday for another chance at Rainbow Trout. Was able to limit out using the same Tandem Rigged Olive Near Deere and trailing Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph (GRHEN) that we used at Waterloo on Saturday. Steady action with strikes typically happening as we switched from a short pull and retrieve to a… [read more]

  • Frisco Commons On a Sunday Morning

    By / September 2, 2015 / Bass, Bluegill, Frisco Commons, Sunfish

    Change of pace… went up the road to Frisco and fished the Frisco Commons Pond. It’s the same pond that is stocked with Rainbow Trout during the Winter Trout Stocking Season. Have caught little Bass and Bluegill/Sunfish while fishing for Rainbow Trout in the Winter. Decided to see what was biting during the Summer. Started… [read more]

  • Tough Round at Frisco Saturday

    Late start Saturday for Nuclaroche and I. We planned to fish Frisco Commons for Rainbow Trout that morning but I was sidetracked by work and then some early “Spring” cleaning of the office. By the time all was done, it was late afternoon. Around 4PM, we made it to Frisco and fished till after sunset. Nuclaroche… [read more]

  • Two On a Fly, Then Three on PowerBait This Round…

    By / February 8, 2015 / Frisco Commons

    Fished Frisco Commons Pond today. Limited out but had a tough time catching them on fishing flies. Used the same rig as yesterday – Tandem Rig Near Deere and GRHEN. Managed to catch two that went for the GRHEN. Had a few more missed strikes, else no luck getting another one with the Fly Rod. Switched… [read more]

  • Tested Micro Fly Rod II, Then Went Trout Fishing

    Long week but was finally able to go fishing Saturday. Started out “testing” Micro Fly Rod II by doing some Micro Fishing at the Davis Library Pond. Rod worked well! I was able to catch little Bass and Bluegill as well as several larger Bluegill. I do plan to make adjustments to the fly line… [read more]

  • Frisco Trout Derby This Saturday!

    By / February 4, 2015 / Frisco Commons

    Hi Readers! It looks like Frisco is hosting their annual Trout Derby this Saturday. For more info, check their website – “Trick-A-Trout Kid Fish”. Should be a fun time for the Kiddies!    

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