Kroger Park

  • Size 14 Foam Grasshopper… Worked Well! #flyfishing

    Fished Kroger Park and Bethany Lakes (Lower Pond) yesterday. Great way to enjoy Cinco De Mayo… fishing and then chillin’ later while grillin’! This round, decided to downsize the Foam Grasshopper from a Size 12 to a Size 14 since the many missed hook sets the other day. Figured the smaller hook size would increase… [read more]

  • More Switch Rod Practice….

    By / August 31, 2016 / Bass, Bluegill, Kroger Park

    More Switch Rod practice this evening at Kroger Park. Got some nice distance cast and caught a Bass and a number of Bluegill. Especially liked the Bluegill lurking mid-pond but well within reach of the Switch Rod! Caught the Bass on a Foam Grasshopper; others were a mix of the Grasshopper and a Near Deere!… [read more]

  • Switch Rod Practice Was Good!

    By / August 30, 2016 / Bass, Bluegill, Kroger Park

    Had fun practicing with the Switch Rod at Kroger Pond this evening. Caught a Bass and number of Bluegill on a Orange as well as an Olive Near Deere. Fun stuff! #switchrod practice was good. A #bass & #bluegill #flyfishing a #neardeere A photo posted by COAF Field Team ( on Aug 30, 2016 at… [read more]

  • Kroger Park to Test the new Fly Rod!

    By / April 4, 2016 / Bass, Bluegill, Kroger Park

    Ordered a 5 weight fly rod as a back up to the one that we repaired the other day. Repair worked but just in case wanted to have a back up 5 weight. Had an old Eagle Claw Fly Rod in a 5 weight; could not find it for sale anymore. Saw the Eagle Claw… [read more]

  • Only One This Round….

    By / August 28, 2015 / Bluegill, Kroger Park

    Headed to Kroger Park after work this evening. Only had a short window to fish. Good thing… bite was slow! Only one this round – a Bluegill on a GRHEN. Water was cloudy and green. Lots of things growing in the water to clobber your lure. No worries; still had a great time getting away!

  • Micro Fly Rod Fishing at Kroger Pond This Round

    Kicked off the weekend with a round of fishing at Kroger Pond. Had not fished it for some time; good to see the water is clear at least in the Feeder Creek. Did see lots of “green stuff” clobbering the pond area. Regardless, fish were going for a Size 16 Foam Grasshopper. No Bruisers other… [read more]

  • Monday at Bethany; Tuesday at Kroger Park

    Monday was able to get a round of fishing in a Bethany Lakes. Fished with a Guadalupana, Foam Grasshopper, and a COAF Griffith’s Gnat. Managed to catch several Bluegill and Bass on the Four Weight Fly Rod. Tuesday used the Four Weight Fly Rod again and a Foam Grasshopper to catch little Bass. Did get… [read more]

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