Murphy City Hall Pond

  • Back to Murphy for More Trout This Sunday Morning! #flyfishing #guadalupana

    By / February 26, 2017 / Murphy City Hall Pond

    Had a great time yesterday fishing Murphy City Complex Pond for trout. Went back again today with the same setup… Redington Pursuit 4wt-8′ fly rod and Ross Flystart Model 2. Used a size 14 Guadalupana to take a limit today! Fun stuff!     Log Book Entry: 2/26/17 Location: Murphy City Complex Pond (Murphy) Time:… [read more]

  • Success… Action Shots with the Water Wolf Camera!

    Only one Catfish but was able to get the action shots we were looking for. Also, was great to see it was fish instead of turtles that were toying with our bait – live Bluegill! Really like being able to get frame by frame snapshots of the Catfish taking the Bluegill. Interesting to see multiple… [read more]

  • Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod Still Works… +1!

    Did some fishing with the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod while working on getting u/w video action shots of the fish in a couple of ponds. Caught a number of Bluegill/Sunfish with a Tenkara Fly. No action shots of fish taken our bait but did get a lot fish activity plus turtle activity! Still learning… [read more]

  • Quick Trip This Afternoon….

    By / February 25, 2016 / Fishing, Murphy City Hall Pond

    Hope to go for a quick trip to Murphy this afternoon for Trout. Going to try a new fishing fly tied in tandem with a Patriot Fishing Fly as an indicator. It’s called a “Green Weenie”.  More to come… also, do check our Twitter timeline in the sidebar. Should see tweets on the Green Weenie… [read more]

  • Murphy for Trout This Round

    Checked out the derby hosted by the city of Murphy this morning. Saw lots of kids catching fish; us grownups had to wait till after the derby to fish. Warm weather was nice allowing for short sleeves and shorts. But, it looked like the Trout were having issues as a number of them were floating… [read more]

  • Cannot Get Them All!

    By / July 5, 2015 / Murphy City Hall Pond

    Decided to give Murphy City Hall Pond another go this morning. Had several hook ups but missed setting the hook. And then, had something bite and run with the line. Took out drag and could not turn it. Ended up wrapping the line around the fountain. Oh well, can’t get them all!     Facebook… [read more]

  • Murphy City Hall Pond This Round

    Happy Fourth of July… started out catching little fish, ended up hooking into to two nice ones… a Catfish and a Bass! Fished Murphy City Hall Pond this morning. Used a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and GRHEN to catch a number of Sunfish and Bluegill. Bite was good; even caught two at the same time… [read more]

  • Slower Bite This Round….

    Worked on the Micro Fly Rod for a little, and then headed to Murphy City Hall Pond when it looked like the rain was slowing down. Rod handle now has the reel seat and the hook keeper is in place. Next step is to wrap the rod guides. Was going to do work on them… [read more]

  • Only Four This Round

    By / February 25, 2015 / Murphy City Hall Pond

    Made it to Murphy City Hall Pond for another go at Trout. Caught four and missed four more but still was good to get out for another round of fishing this week! Used a Tandem Rig – Olive/Brown Near Deere and a Soft Hackle. One Trout went for the Near Deere, remainder went for the… [read more]

  • Back Again to Murphy City Hall Pond This Round!

    By / February 24, 2015 / Murphy City Hall Pond

    Fished Murphy City Hall Pond this evening. Was cold but it was great to get a round of fishing in during the work week! Even better that we managed to limit out on Rainbow Trout. Used the Four Weight Fly Rod and the Olive/Brown Near Deere that worked the other day. Change in the retrieve… [read more]

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