Celebration Park North Pond This Round

By / August 3, 2016 / Celebration Park

Fished the North Pond at Celebration Park yesterday. Brought the two-piece Micro Fly Rod and the Spinning Rod.

Hoped to catch a few scrappy Bluegill and Sunfish while setting out the Water Wolf Camera on the Spinning Rod. Fun stuff!


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Great fishing with the micro fly rod. There seems to be a good variety of fish in that pond as well as the turtles. Do you ever get ducks muscling in on the action, especially when using bread for bait and berley? If I'm bait fishing with bread and breadcrumb berley at my local ponds, the first ball of berley brings in dozens of ducks and moorhens.


Thanks Steve! Ducks do get in the way at times. Have to ball up the bread to sink quickly before they arrive when chumming. Else, when fishing, the bread sinks readily with the rig we are using.
Take care!


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