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Warm temps had us setting out the kayaks for a go at the Striped Bass at Lake Texoma. Our Texoma Licences were good till 12/31/21 and the Annual COE Permit was good to go till August 2022.

Foggy trip up the road from Allen but things cleared and we put in at East Burns Run with the plan to dead drift flukes and shad for the Striped Bass.

Water was chilly, wind was not too bad at all, and waves were not an issue. The only issue we had were no Stripers.

Not wanting to closeout 2021 on a strikeout headed to Denison Dam to fish the tailrace. Fishing Buddy hooked up with one Striped Bass and yours truly although did not catch a fish, did get some video footage of what was lurking below.

What a difference a day makes,… or in this case months. Earlier in the year, we fished Denison Dam and put in the GoFish Cam. There were fish everywhere… this round, saw two fish only – looked like Carp or Buffalo.

Here’s to 2022 and more fishing fun and more “Learn to Fish by our Trials and Errors”!

Happy New Year to you and yours!