COAF Field Team Member Name Change… All-Righty! #handle

By / January 22, 2018 / Fishing

Finally added the COAF Field Team to the back of our fishing hat! That said, to mark the occasion, one of the Field Team Members has opted for a name change of his “handle” or nickname.

Fshng84 in the spirit of famous fly fishermen Lefty Kreh and Lefty Ray has changed his handle to “All-Righty” for two reasons…

Since he is a right-handed fisherman, “Righty” kinda worked. It also sounded like the opposite of Lefty… then one of the other Team members kept noting Fshng84’s tendency to say, “alrighty” in videos as well as every day conversation.

Therefore, with an added L and the hyphen, Fshng84 changed his handle to “All-Righty” as of January 22, 2018!


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