COAF Field Team Vlog #11 – “Two-Weight CGR at Bethany Lakes”

By / October 2, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Bluegill, Sunfish

Fished Bethany Lakes Saturday morning. Brought the Cabelas CGR 2-weight fly rod and the 2/3 Echo Ion fly reel. Fished a “The Simple Fly” (TSF) – a very simple fishing fly made with a hook, pearl chenille, and white chenille. If desired, add a bead head.

Also, fished the Marilyn Monroe Tenkara Fly, a Red/White Tenkara Fly, and a Foam Spider (was a Grasshopper but the tail broke off).

Caught Bluegill and Sunfish, and one Bass… then had one Bass take a little Sunfish that went for the Red/White Tenkara Fly. Just in case caught another little Sunfish and tossed it in the same spot. Managed to get another to take! Got some video but missed hook sets.

Went back today – Sunday, and used a Micro Fly Rod and downsized the hooks. Caught more bluegill and sunfish.

Also, brought the Water Wolf Camera and spinning gear and live-lined several bluegill and sunfish near Waterfall. Still working on the video but did catch one and missed others.

Will post the video when done. Stay tuned… always a surprise to see what else was lurking in the area!

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