COAF Field Team Vlog #20– “Lower Illinois River Trout Fishing” #flyfishing

By / October 30, 2016 / Lower Illinois River, Rainbow Trout

Finally made it to the Lower Illinois River for some Rainbow Trout Fishing. Had a great time scouting the river and seeing new places! Although it was tough fishing, we did manage to catch a fish or  two.

First Rainbow Trout was in the Special Regulation Zone (also referred to the “Watts” area); it went about 12″ so we had to let it go. Next fish was a White Bass that we let go. Then, after a few missed hook sets, caught a Rainbow Trout that went about 11″ and another that went 14″. We were able to keep them for dinner since we were no longer in the “Watts” area.

Dave's Bait and Tackle (Gore, OK)

Dave’s Bait and Tackle (Gore, OK)

Also, did see a couple of nice looking trout but neither were willing to strike. And then, later in the day – late afternoon/early evening, did see others doing well catching them with fishing flies!

Do hope to fish the area again.

PS: Did get some video and posted it below. Will plan to host a Q&A Live Stream for Readers to join and ask questions about our fishing trip! Also, THANKS to the folks at Dave’s Bait and Tackle for the info on the area!



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