COAF Field Team Vlog #25 – PBRG Size 14 To Get a Limit! #troutfishing

By / December 5, 2016 / Rainbow Trout
PBRG in Size14

PBRG in Size 14

Made it to Heritage Park – one of the three ponds in Flower Mound that were stocked with trout. Rain let up, so had to make the run down the Tollway for a go at Rainbow Trout.

New place… so new that Google Maps does not show the pond. It looks like it is still being built. Regardless, there is a pond, and it was stocked with trout.

It’s a small pond that may be the same size as the pond at Waterloo in Denison. Water was murky, and there was a hatch going on. Even saw a few risers go for them.

For us, no luck with fishing flies. Had to resort to a PBRG in Size 14 to make a limit today. “PBRG” is Power Bait Rainbow Glitter molded on a size 14 hook. We usually keep a jar in our fishing vest for times like today when the trout wanted bait instead of fishing flies.

Overall, the bite was steady with lots of folks getting bit. Power Bait and Corn seemed to be working; did see several taken with fishing flies but could not tell if anyone had strikes with other lures.

Fun time… now just gotta beat this cold!



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Do you know if Heritage Park has bass in it? Or if there are and trout left in there?

Water is getting warmer so this may be one of the last weeks to catch them.


While fishing Heritage Park last season, did see small Sunfish and Bluegill. Did not see Bass unfortunately. However, have only fished it for trout for the first time last year. Also, not sure about the trout; don’t see too many make it past March although have caught some as late as April and May in other ponds. But, they tend to have deep areas and more water movement. Best bet for Trout is this Saturday at TRWD Flyfest in Fort Worth. It will be stocked recently and it will have some nice Bruisers, too!


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