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Video of Saturday’s action trout fishing at Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma. Was a slower bite than we are used to for the Park but did limited out!

Planned to fish until around Noon depending on when the cold front was to arrive. Ended up fishing until around 2PM. Missed the snow but did feel the temps drop and the wind pick up.

Quick Take Aways this trip:

  • Trout were stocked above the Waterfall; the gate attendant provided specific spots where the trout were released.
  • The Entry and Day Trout Permit fee is the same as last year $15.00 + tax… which came to $16.43.
  • Daily limit is five for the Park, and they will check your Fishing Licence.
  • Bite was slow compared to other trips but the pattern was similar to last year – an Orange Near Deere. Another fishermen did well with a Rainbow Warrior as well.
  • There are larger trout compared to the 9″-14″ stockers but could not get them to strike. Also, there are lots of albino trout, making it easier to locate schools since the “normal” trout and albinos tended to stay together.
  • Do approach the banks and “white-water” areas lightly; trout tend to lurk close by as evidenced by the u/w video in the YouTube video posted below.

2 thoughts on “COAF Field Team Vlog #28 – Turner Falls Park Trout Fishing! #troutfishing

  1. Noticed you had an Ericsson hat on. Was wondering if you work there? I'm an avid fly fisherman and always looking forward for new partners in crime. I work for E/// as well.

    1. Hi Paul, used to work for E///. Liked the hat and the company, so I still wear it. Thanks for checking out our site!

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