COAF Field Team Vlog #3 – Quick Trip… “Just a Flesh Wound”

By / August 14, 2016 / Bluegill, Celebration Park, Sunfish

Mowed the lawn with lots of daylight to spare! So, went fishing on a quick trip to Celebration Park’s East Pond. Took the 2-Weight Fly Rod and was going to fish a Tenkara Fly. But, on the first cast, hooked my thumb… no worries, “just a flesh wound”. Caught several Sunfish and a Bluegill that went for a Foam Grasshopper! Then, head home to take care of the Tenkara Fly issue. In short order using an online tip on hook removal and with a little help, was able to remove the hook with minimal pain!

Today’s Vlog Video:

Gink and Gasoline Hook Removal Video Tip

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