COAF Field Team Vlog #41 – Kayak Fishing Texoma Today! #kayakfishing #texoma

By / July 23, 2017 / Fishing

Been itching to kayak fish Texoma for some time but kept getting sidetracked with other things until this morning! Made the run up to Texoma and put in a Spillway Ramp.

Been awhile since we been up here… Dave’s Ski and Tackle is now a Lonestar Store and the Ramp fee at Spillway Ramp is $5.00 now. No worries though, Lonestar carries the Blue/White Bucktail Jigs we like to use when fishing Texoma. We would tie them ourselves but for some reason, these do better than ours… must be their mojo is on for Texoma!

Was hoping to be at the ramp at 7:00AM but was delayed an hour. Plus we stopped at Krispy Kreme for our breakfast of champions – coffee and donuts!

Lots of surface action until around 10AM, then it was sporadic.  Did not get any bites trolling but did have a Striped Bass break-off on a Tandem Rigged Bucktail Jig and Fluke Rig. And, while they were busting around the kayak, managed to catch one – went 20″ in length. Also, while working a surface popper had several missed strikes and one Largemouth Bass that took.

Overall, it was a fun time out there… even got a workout in! (PS: Here is the link to the article mentioned in the video: “Kayak Fishing on Lake Texoma: Suggested Placed to Put In on the Texas Side“)


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