COAF Field Team Vlog #8 “Bluegill, Bass, and a Snake… Gets a Fish!”

By / September 16, 2016 / Bass, Blue River

 This round decided to fish Bethany Creek Pond for Vlog #8.  Bite was steady with lots of Bluegill going for our fishing flies. Tried different ones but finally settled on a White Near Deere in size 10. Decided on white because it was easy to see in the water and watch fish strike it.

Caught over 20 fish – mainly Bluegill but did get two bass! One was a little fingerling Bass; the other went about 13″. Had a fun time fishing… even had a little excitement when a water snake went for one of the Bluegill as we brought in.

Did not get video of the snake going for the Bluegill but did get some action shots on the next cast when it went for the White Near Deere. Shortly after, a Bluegill took the fishing fly, and then the snake went for the Bluegill. Did get video of it!

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Fred Doma

Thanks for the blogs. I really enjoy them. I'm new to fly fishing, and I was wondering if can do one about presentation. I can cast, just not sure how to present and and what type of flies to use. I'll be going to Branson this weekend and try my luck fly fishing. I will also bring my spinning rod just in case. I usaually jig.



Hi Fred, thanks for checking out our Blogs! Each situation is different, and we have never fished Branson. Will see if we can look at some past videos that has footage of how we were fishing a particular area, and compile a video and post.



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