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Another Vlog filmed in the field. This round we decided on a quick trip to Celebration Park to try some Micro Fishing with the two-piece Micro Flyrod.

Started out using small fishing flies – Rainbow Warrior and an Olive Midge, but later switched to a Guadalupana.

While catching the little Bluegill, we noticed larger fish chasing baitfish in the shallows. Hoping for a chance at hooking one, tied on a Guadalupana.

Caught a Bluegill soon after and then had a surprise when a Bruiser Catfish took the fishing fly and ran the reel to the backing.

The Micro Flyrod did well and we were able to land the Catfish – estimated about 18″ in length. Fun stuff on ultralight gear!

PS: Posted the Catfish on the Fishing Bulletin Board!