Cold Round Trout Fishing Rowlett Community Park!

By / February 10, 2019 / Fishing

Able to get a round fo trout fishing at Rowlett Community Park Saturday morning. Was a tough go with temps in the 30s and a slow bite. Fished a Near Deere in White, then Pink, and then back to White without success.

Added a Berkley Powerworm and started getting strikes but could not hook them. Did see a couple of turtles that may have been the culprits. Was surprising to see them active on a cold day.

After several hours found the pattern… a slow swing of the rod to move the Near Deere / Powerworm slowly through the water, had several bites, and then a trout struck and was on briefly before throwing the hook!

Kept at it, and managed to finally hook and land two trout. Ended up losing the Powerworm but by then, trout were striking the Near Deere using a “twitchy” retrieve.

Although the bite was slow and the temps were cold, still had a great time fishing… even better to have caught and released two to avoid a strike out!

PS: Do check back, next Near Deere Give Away is for two White Near Deere in the 1/80oz weight and a Marilyn Monroe Tenkara Fly!

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