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Checked out Bethany Lakes this morning. Temps were much colder compared to yesterday, and the wind was gusting to 25 mph at times. Tried fly fishing for Bass but struck out.

Later in the evening, went back with the bait casting rod and Senkos. Was able to get seven, and missed a few more.

Used a “drag and stop” retrieve where we would cast the Senko, and then slowly drag the Senko by slowly sweeping the rod sideways. Then, we would stop, take up slack, and drag again. Any change in the line or tap at the Senko we would stop and let the Bass run with the Senko before setting the hook.

Later, after clearing a backlash, had a Bass pickup the Senko as it sat still on the bottom. Tried this on others and was able to catch them as well!

Nice way to end a Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Colder But Bass Were Biting!

  1. Nice "professional backlash Glen! Love it when you get the slack out of it and there is a fish on the end. Great video.

    I am targeting Sandies at Rowlett this time of year and have done fairly well since the run is not in full swing yet. Found a new spot on accident and it has been producing. Go some nice sized ones but most are males so that tells me the females haven't made their way up yet. This cold weather has put a damper on the sandies but should pick up later on.

    Tight lines dude and have a Happy Easter,


    1. Thanks Stephen, like the "professional backlash" term! Glad to hear about Rowlett Creek; was out their today but not fishing, went hiking and exploring. Got some new hiking shoes. Happy Easter!
      Take care, Glenn

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