Cottonwood Trail Pond aka Pond by Cinemark… #flyfishing

By / October 8, 2017 / Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish

Decided to fish the pond by the Cinemark Theater in Allen this morning. Looks like it is called Cottonwood Trail… been a while since we fished it last. Was not sure what would be biting. As it turned out, it was Bass, Bluegill, and Sunfish. Scrappy fighters that put up a great fight on the 5wt!

Near Deere worked well but lots of vegetation made it tough to fish, plus kept fouling the back cast. Switched to a Foam Grasshopper and had some strikes but the Size 10 hook was too large for the little Bluegill. Tied on the Foam Damsel Fly Variant and caught a couple of fish but broke the tail after snagging a tree. Settled on the Red Damsel Fly and worked holes in the vegetation, dropping the fly in the hole and letting it sink slowly.

Had one nice Bass take but it threw the hook. Else, it was little Bass and Bluegill and Sunfish. Still a fun time!

PS: Great meeting another fisherman at the pond this morning. Looked like he caught a few fish, too!



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